Project presentation n°1

Follow the different points for the presentation of the first part of your project. Work with your teammates and produce a common slideshow.

  • Presentation of your team (distribution of tasks = who does what?) (ITEC = mechanical engineering student / SIN = computer science student) 
  • General presentation of the project 
  • General context of the project (market study, survey, definition, report, multimedia, etc) 
  • Reading of the use case and the requirements diagrams you were provided
  • Standards to comply with and patents related to the project

task = tâche                survey = questionnaire/ étude

provide = fournir         requirements = exigences

standards = normes   comply with = se conformer à qch

patents = brevets

⚠️ Interdiction d’écrire des phrases complètes sur votre diaporama. Il faut vous entrainer à vous exprimer à partir de notes seulement.