My british series website

To work in connection with the unit BRITISH CHARACTERS from your English class, you’re going to create, individually, a website about a British series (= a TV series that is set in UK, showing characters that are of British nationality). You can choose one series/show in the following list or suggest any other one you know, but in that case, check with your English teacher about the series.

LutherDowntown AbbeyBridgerton
Mr BeanShamelessYears & Years
Doctor WhoSkinsBlack Mirror
SherlockCall the midwifeThe Office
Peaky BlindersBroadchurchThe Crown
Penny DreadfulBodyguard

You’re going to create 4 pages on your website:

  • Page 1: general presentation of the series = the story (in 100 words maximum) and the youtube trailer (use this tutorial to learn how to include a youtube video on your website).
  • Page 2: presentation of the characters = name and relationship between the characters and presentation of the cast = which actor/actress plays which character. You have to incorporate images to your page.
  • Page 3: The context of the series = the place where the story happens and the time. For the place you have to insert a Google map widget (use this tutorial).
  • Page 4: a paragraph (written by yourself) about why the series is British = what British elements or characteristics can we find in the story, the characters , the place ? What makes it a British series?

Feel free to use other features to make the most attractive and beautiful website.

To remember you how to create a HTML/CSS page you can use this tutorial you did last year.

When you’ve finished you will drop off your website in a single compressed file named by your name in the folder « Ma classe/Restitutions de devoirs/ETLV/Website ».