Training program presentation

1 – What is the name of the company?

2 – What they do?

3 – Where it is?

4 – Is that a little or a big company ? How many employee the company has?

5 – What are the different job in this company ? Does it have a secretary, an accountant, a caretaker, …? 

6 – What’s the story of this company?

7 – What are the differents activities the company does?

8 – Give all the details you can find on this company !! 

9 – Explain in details what you think you will do during your training program ?

10 – How many hour you worked per week?

11 – What tasks you did in this company? Details!

12 – Describe in details a typical week and a typical day!

13 – What tasks will you do in this company if you were a real employee and not an apprentice?

14 – Give all the details you can find on this company!!