Inventor tutorial creation (euro pro)


Write a tutorial to teach someone how to make a 3D model about a fiction object (like mario kart items, a pokeball or something else) thanks to the software Inventor.


  • The tutorial has to be in English (of course…).
  • It has to include at least 20 steps.
  • Each step includes at least one sentence.
  • You have to paste some screenshots to illustrate orders.
  • Work simultaneously on the software and on your tutorial. At each step on the software write your instruction on your tutorial.

When it’s finished you have to export the document to a PDF file and name it with your last name.


You’re going to test the different tutorials the others students made.

Step 1 : Pick up a tutorial and follow it to create a 3D object on Inventor. You can find these tutorials in the « consultation documents » folder of your class.

Step 2 : After that, you have to evaluate the tutorial you just checked.

Step 3 : Then, write the mark on the sheet.

Step 4 : Finally, you can repeat the first three steps with another tutorial.