« Robot challenge » Project


In your IT class, you had to assemble and program a robot to achieve a goal: get out of the maze.


Your job is to make a report video of the robot challenge.

The report

To organize your report you have to respect the outline below:


  • Present the team.
  • Talk about the challenge aim.
  • Present the ressources you have already (the elements of the robot, the labyrinth, etc).

Your work

  • Explain your solutions to win the challenge.
  • Show the different steps of the project.


  • Show the final video run and explain how you have achieved the goal.
  • Talk about what you have learned during the project.


To edit your video you have to use the software « Resolve » on the computer.

You can make the audio part separately with the dictaphone of your smartphone and add it to the software.

If you do not have enough video you can use images to illustrate the report.

You have to assign different tasks to your teammates:

  • Search the vocabulary.
  • Gather the videos.
  • Prepare the script.
  • Shoot the video you need.
  • Record your voice.
  • Edit the video.

You are totally free to edit your video with the software so make it funny and entertaining.

You have 3 weeks! Work!